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Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Hello brothers and sisters from not so sunny Bosnia and Herzegovina (atleast today).

    Anyhow, my name is Senad, almost 34 years old, I drive 2007 Kawasaki VN1600D Nomad wich I buyed from Texas - USA - 6 years ago. Tho, I only drive it for 5 years now and I would only change it for Vaqueror or Voyager 1700

    I notice that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in VRA charter so I wonder is it possible to join and what conditions are needed to do so?!

    Thanks all and drive safe!

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    Welcome the USA forum! You will want to check the VRA International Website and use their "contact us" section at the bottom of the home page. The World President or World VP can get in touch with you about a chapter in your country.
    Randy - aka racinfan101
    Central IL Chapter 1-39 President!/groups/c....vulcanriders/
    Suffering from Vulcamania!!
    (Since Vulcans Rule and the others Drool)


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      Thank you Racinfan101, I tried but seems that e-mail doesnt work -, or even a form at their website. Sorry becouse I opened 2 topics, you can delete one.


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        Welcome to the USA Forum from Columbus, OH!
        Patrick "Hotwheels" Sharon
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        Columbus, Oh
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          Welcome from west MI .. USA good luck with a chapter. !
          Glenn Gale, President 1-26


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            Welcome from NW Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Derry ~DaBull~
            Former VRA USA National President
            President, NW Florida VRA Chapter 1-6
            Crestview, Florida
            2012 Vulcan Voyager 1700
            (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

            ~If you fool with Da Bull...You're gonna get the Horn


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              Welcome from Western Mass.


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                Welcome from Tennessee .