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  • 2500 Mile Trip

    So I'm planning my first "big" motorcycle trip -- western Massachusetts to Chicago, through Canada. It's a total of about 2500 miles by my route (no interstates, camping at state forests and parks, etc.) I'm leaving myself 3 weeks total as I plan to make 1-2 extended stops along the way to see family and friends. Only problem is, the last leg of my trip will bring me into the first few days of November.

    For those who have ridden cross country, etc, what should I prepare for in terms of weather and riding every day in October-November? I am pretty experienced in terms of camping but I haven't gone long distances while dealing with weather. Longest day I've ridden is about 4 hours -- I don't plan to go much over that per day. As I said I am not taking any Interstates as a rule, but I am thinking of getting the AMA membership @ $45/year just for the roadside assistance.

    My gear is a regular classic leather jacket, a full-face helmet, kevlar jeans, good boots and gloves, and decent "hiking" rain gear.

    My ride is a 2006 Vulcan 500 LTD with about 14K miles, which I plan to get checked out before I leave. No real mechanical problems in my <1 year of ownership. It did just start making a funny noise after I washed it...

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Bring that you'll be in the north, be prepared for temps in the upper 30s, just in case. My trip Thanksgiving 2016 saw 20 deg F in Kentucky one morning, and thankfully I was prepared for it. Stripped layers as I worked my way over to Charlotte, NC. Then ever more as I worked my way down to the beach in Florida a few days later. Moral of the story is the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. Good luck and enjoy!

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