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About Us

The Vulcan Riders Association is an international association founded to provide a means for Kawasaki Vulcan riders worldwide to meet and ride in chapter-based and inter-chapter activities.


The purpose of the Association is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for its members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging the participation of its members in these activities while maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere.


The Vulcan Riders Association will endeavor to:

  • Provide a means for Kawasaki Vulcan enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to meet for rallies, outings, and social functions in a cohesive family atmosphere
  • Promote Vulcans, and motorcycling in general, as a fun and safe activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities
  • Promote the image of the Vulcan Riders Association, and motorcycle riders in general, through involvement in public functions and charitable events and through demonstrated responsible motorcycling

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Is there time to polish my ride before the National Rally? Click the “VRA Rallies” menu to find out!

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