Every chapter will have photos of rides and events that they will want to share. Below is an overview of several free photo hosting services:

Facebook Photo Albums


Picasa Web Albums

>> Picasa Web Albums
>> view sample chapter photo album

  • Free hosting of up to 1GB of photos ($5 / year for 20 GB).  For reference, PA Chapter 1-52 (SCPAVRA) created 51 photo albums over six years (1484 photos) and only used 36% of their quota)
  • Photos are not deleted! (Google WANTS you to exceed your quota so you will pay)
  • One of the best rated viewing interfaces by CNET (see example)
  • In both paid and free accounts, Google stores the original image (even though a smaller resolution photo may be displayed by the web interface)
  • Viewers can download all of the original photos from a shared album with one click.
  • Google offers free photo management software called Picasa (highly recommended) that integrates with Picasa Web Albums
  • Contributors can be selectively invited to add photos


Not Recommended! After three months of not logging into the account, all linked images become dead links.  After one year of not logging into the account, all photos become inaccessible.  If the account is not upgraded to a Pro (paid) account within three months, all photos are deleted.

Photobucket may be useful for temporarily gathering photos for an event from multiple members but they should be downloaded and then added to a web album on Picasa for safe storage. See collecting photos below.


NOT Recommended! Flickr will only display the most recent 200 photos. If a chapter has 300 photos, the first 100 photos can never be viewed again until a Pro account is purchased.

Tips, considerations and recommendations:

  • Appoint Someone – Consider appointing one person to be in charge of managing the club’s photos and ask everyone to send their photos to them.
  • Create a generic google account – Picasa Web Albums are linked to a Google Account.  Instead of using a personal account, create a generic address (e.g. 1-52_photos@gmail.com or photos@yourdomain.org) that can be passed on to the next member who manages the photos.