If you’re interested in joining a chapter when one starts up in your area, you can post here. If you’re willing to contact people and get a chapter organized yourself, we are eager to help. Read on…

The Vulcan Riders Association strives to make starting and operating your own local chapter as easy as possible. We will help you find Vulcan riders in your area, create a website for you and much, much more.

The first step is to post on the forum and let us know that you’re interested.

Step 1: Announce your intent

Post a message on our forum below to let us know that you’re interested in starting a chapter. This will notify our Chapter Coordinators and allow them to help you directly.

>> I am interested in Starting a Chapter

Step 2: Create a website

Establishing a website is a crucial step in starting a chapter. A website lets prospective members read about your club and join if they’re interested and it provides a way for members of your club to communicate easily. The VRA recommends setting up a Facebook Group.  A Facebook Group is fast, easy, free and provides an excellent way for new members to communicate between meetings.

Click here for information on how to setup a Facebook Group. Click here to read about other website options.

Step 3: Contact riders in your area

The whole trick to starting a riding club is getting the word out to riders in your area that you’re starting a club. There are two approaches to getting new members.  To get your club off of the ground, start with the direct approach as it has the most immediate results

Step 4: Meet up

Get as many people as you can to join your website group and then set a place and time for everyone to meet up. Click here to view a suggested agenda for your 1st meeting .

Step 5: Become an Official Chapter

Once your club has elected its officers and agreed to a name, submit the following information to the VRA National President:

  • Chapter’s Name
  • Chapter’s City and State
  • Chapter website URL
  • Chapter President (Actual name, forum name* & email)
  • Chapter Vice President (Actual name, forum name* email)
  • Chapter Secretary (Actual name, forum name* & email)**
  • Chapter Treasurer (Actual name, forum name* email)**

* The VRA needs the forum name of each officer so that your officers can be given access to the private Chapter Officers Forum.
** The position of Secretary and Treasurer can be combined into one position but it still requires 4 people to start a chapter.

After receiving the information above, the National VRA will assign an official VRA Chapter Number and add you to the list of VRA Chapters on the National website.

Additionally, you will receive a Chapter Startup Kit containing over 50 sample documents and graphics:

  • VRA logos
  • Membership application
  • Member Welcome Letter
  • Business Cards
  • Membership cards
  • Liability Waiver
  • Club Flyers
  • Event Flyers
  • VRA letterhead
  • tips, guides, references and more…

If you have any questions, post a message on the National Vulcan Riders Forum or contact the National Officers. They are here to help you.