The 2019 VRA East Rally “Midwest River Fest” will be held July 9th through the 11th in beautiful Sioux City Iowa. Located in the center of the Tri-State region, in the Heartland of America, with some of the most picturesque scenery that the Tri-State region has to offer, along with multiple historic and cultural attractions to visit.

Please note that rally central will be located in a helmet state!

Rally central will be located at the Delta Hotel by Marriott, in South Sioux City Nebraska. The hotel was just recently remodeled with double Queen beds, or single King bed room. Each specifically priced at

$109 per night plus tax. Located within the hotel complex are Kahill’s Chop House Restaurant and Lounge which offers breakfast, lunch and supper menus, and The Bean Coffee Shop which proudly servers Starbucks coffee.

Hotel amenities include free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, Whirlpool along with an indoor and outdoor pool, microwave and fridge in each room, free shuttle Service to anywhere in the Sioux City metro area. Delta has also offered to set up a motorcycle washing station consisting of soap and water and drying Materials.

Along with the newly remodeled rooms the Delta offers a 30,000 sq/ft conference center which will accommodate groups up to 3,000 people, as well as a beautiful garden terrace overlooking the picturesque flowing Missouri river and downtown Sioux City Iowa.

FOR RESERVATIONS YOU MUST CALL THE HOTEL at the (402)494-4000, and mention you are with the

Vulcan Riders Association code “VUL” to get the Rally Rate of $109 per night.

REMINDER, If you reserve online or through the Marriott toll free # you will NOT get the rally rate. Below is the link to check out the hotel and amenities. Also there is a free shuttle to take you shopping downtown and the mall, or to the Hard Rock Casino, so bring your whole family!


For those that prefer to camp, Scenic Park is located within 2 blocks of Rally Central along the Missouri river. Reservations cannot be made until after January 1st 2019 and a first nights deposit is required.

Daily Rates

  • Electric – $18.00 a day
  • Electric, Water, Cable & WiFi – $23.00 a day
  • Electric, Water, Sewer, Cable & WiFi – $26.00 a day
  • Pull-Thru (All of the above) $30.00 a day
  • Tent Sites (Electric included) – $25.00 a day
  • Cabin Rates: W/Electric- $30.00 a day upon availabilily (must supply your own bedding)

Proposed Rides

(All rides are subject to change due to road changes and unforeseen issues)

The Loess Hill

The Loess Hills are a formation of wind-deposited loess soil in the western most part of Iowa and Missouri along the Missouri River. The Loess Hills rise 200 feet above the flat plains forming a narrow band running north-south 200 miles along the Missouri River. During the last Ice Age, glaciers advanced into the middle of North America, grinding underlying rock into dust-like “glacial flour.” As temperatures warmed, the glaciers retreated and vast amounts of meltwater and sediment flooded the Missouri River Valley. The sediment was deposited on the flood plain, creating huge mud flats. When meltwaters receded, these mud flats were exposed. As they dried, the fine-grained silt was picked up by strong prevailing westerly winds. We will be taking back road tours thru these historic formations. If you want to travel to see the only other formation of this nature, you will need a passport and flight to China.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The history of Sioux Falls revolves around the cascades of the Big Sioux River. The falls were created about 14,000 years ago when the last glacial ice sheet redirected the flow of the river into the large looping bends of its present course. Fueled by water from the melting ice, the river exposed the underlying Sioux quartzite bedrock, the hard pinkish stone of the falls. The lure of the falls has been a powerful influence. Prehistoric people who inhabited the region before 500 B.C. left numerous burial mounds on the high bluffs near the river which were followed by Tribes of the Lakota and Dakota and early explorers such as Lewis and Clark. Come and see what has been attracting people to these magnificence falls for over 2500 years!

Spirits Tour -Templeton Rye

In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment goes into effect, beginning the Prohibition era in the United States. With the quality and quantity of available spirits being squeezed dry, the daring residents of Templeton, Iowa, start producing a carefully crafted bootleg rye whiskey affectionately known as The Good Stuff. The spirit found its way to Chicago, by way of railroad cattle cars, and earns favor with mafia kingpin Al Capone. The town of Templeton is soon supplying his gang with hundreds of kegs per month. Selling primarily Canadian whiskey, Capone nonetheless insists on Templeton Rye as his personal drink of choice — serving family and friends only The Good Stuff.

Drawn to his family’s history, Scott Bush sets out to re-establish Templeton Rye whiskey by producing it legally. Meryl Kerkhoff, son of Alphons Kerkhoff, one of the most prolific Prohibition-era producers of The Good Stuff, forms a partnership with Bush and reveals the original formula. In 2006 Sixty-eight barrels of Templeton Rye whiskey complete their four-year aging process, and are bottled and finds its way to shelves legally. Come and visit the distillery and museum, and see why this was Capone’s personal choice, and maybe send a few bottles back home

Dam Run/Lewis and Clark Reservoir

A little tour along the northern edge of Nebraska up into South Dakota to visit the last of 15 dams located on the upper Missouri river which forms Lewis and Clark Reservoir. After stopping and exploring will we will then eat at a steakhouse that offers a very large buffet, JoDeans Steakhouse which is very well known in the area.

Other area Attractions

With great rides available it’s unlikely anyone will want to do something different but those said want to take a day of relaxation and seeing the local attractions here is a current list,

  • Hard Rock Casino
  • Historic Orpheum Theater
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
  • Art Center
  • Public Museum
  • Historic 4th Street District
  • Sergeant Floyd Monument – Lewis Clark Trail
  • Flight 232 Memorial
  • Queen of Peace Statue Last Supper Shrine
  • Le Mars ice cream the capital of the world
  • Major shopping centers

For more information, and to register please click HERE to visit the VRA Forum. This registration is for planning purposes only. Also please note you must be signed up / logged into the forum to view and post questions.

There is also a Facebook Group that has been created for the event which can be found HERE.

For a pdf version of this information, click here.

Year Dates City State Host
2018 July 10-12 Athens Ohio Columbus Vulcan Riders, Chapter 1-32
2017 July 18 – 20 Maggie Valley North Carolina Six Chapters of the NC-SC Carolina VRA’s
2016 July 12 – 14 Reedsburg Wisconsin South Central Wisconsin 1-49
2015 June 23-25 Eureka Springs Arkansas Vulcan Riders Association National & Vulcan Baggers Association
2014 July 8-10 Bedford Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands VRA 1-17
2013 July 9-11 Cadillac Michgan River City Vulcan Riders 1-26
2012 July 10-12 McGregor Iowa Pearl City Vulcan Riders 1-33
2011 July 12-14 Stecoah North Carolina Charlotte VRA 1-7
2010 July 13-15 Stecoah North Carolina Charlotte VRA 1-7
2009 July 14-16 Mt Vernon Kentucky (unhosted)
2008 July 15-17 Carlisle Pennsylvania South Central Pennsylvania VRA 1-52
2007 July 15-17 LaCrosse Wisconsin Greater Midwest VRA 1-10

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