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Motorcycle fatalities state-by-stae and other interesting info

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  • Motorcycle fatalities state-by-stae and other interesting info

    Many of us in here spend time in other forums as well as this one. One of the forums that I spend time in is for Star Motorcycles since I also own a Virago. Just recently one of their site moderators presented the article below in the link. He lives in Texas and in Texas the month of May is Motorcycle Awareness month. Its too bad all states don't do this. My home state of Washington doesn't, for instance (not that I'm aware of, anyway).

    This gives information about motorcycle fatalities breaking it down state-by-state. It will take a while to read it but I assure you that you'll find information in it that will get your attention.

    I have their blessing to spread this information amongst other motorcycle brothers and sisters so here you are because, when its all said and done, it doesn't matter what brand bike you ride (even HD). Safety is safety and dead is dead.
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    Darn!! I misspelled the simple word "state". Sometimes I worry about myself....


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      Looks like sometimes we are our own worst enemy "2016 motorcycles were more frequently involved in fatal collisions with fixed objects than other vehicle types. Most states reported the majority of fatal motorcyclist crashes were single-vehicle crashes." , "Twenty-five percent of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes in 2016 were alcohol-impaired. This is the highest percentage of alcohol-impaired drivers than any other vehicle type", "NCSA reported that 33 percent of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in 2016 were speeding, compared to 19 percent for passenger vehicles".


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        Our own worst enemy, yep. Somewhere back, perhaps as long as ten years ago (I'm horrible at keeping track of the passage of time.) a one-time good friend and his wife moved to Idaho. Then I heard they got divorced and she had re-married. Anyway, one day a different mutual local friend announced to me that she had gotten killed on a bike.

        As I understood the little information told to me, it sounded like a case where she was trying to ride beyond her abilities/skill level. As I understood it she was trying to catch up to her new husband that was ahead of her when she departed the road and hit a vertical cliff. She was going too fast for the road conditions.

        Riding a motorcycle is always (even in the best conditions and most benign environment) a dynamic situation. A lot of things are going on around you and in-between your ears, too. When rolling its not a good idea to have a "Pink Floyd" experience: A Momentary Lapse of Reason.


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          very interesting read and i just skimmed it. thanks!


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            No problem. Lesblank over in Star Motorcycle forum (which I've seen you in) initially posted it I also posted it here, in VROC, in vulcanforums, and in


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              Interesting information. Looking it over I have to agree we may be our own worst enemy when looking at the data. There is always much talk and anger about distracted drivers and people needing to pay attention and open their eyes while driving, but we as motorcyclist need to guard against lapses in judgment, not riding over our heads, or becoming distracted by our own day dreams while riding.
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