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  • Prime Arizona Riding Weather...

    Hello Fellow Vulcan Rider

    Have you been checking out one of the many VRA chapter sites, maybe looking for a Local Chapter of Fun Loving Vulcan Riders to ride with… well you'’ve found them.

    My name is Rod Jackson, President of the Phoenix Vulcan Riders. The Original VRA Chapter in the State Arizona, with 9 years of existence.

    We have several Canadian Members that Live here in Arizona only for the Winter Months, that have been joining us for the past several years, and a couple of East Coast members also.
    So you'd be right at home with our VRA Chapter.

    We are a great bunch of riders with all skill levels of experience, from novice to very experienced. So are you ready to come out and join us on one of our Monthly Rides, Wildcat Rides, or one of the Club Hang-a-Rounds, we’d be happy to meet you, and welcome you to our Chapter. Phoenix Vulcan Riders .

    We can be found of one of our social media sites at:

    Our Website at

    Facebook at Phoenix Vulcan Riders 1-15

    Or on our Meetup page.

    Looking forward to meeting you soon.
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    Rod Jackson
    Phoenix Vulcan Riders 1-15

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    I will vouch for the Phoenix group being a great bunch of people...even that guy that dresses in pink spandex!! LOL!!!
    Randy - aka racinfan101
    Central IL Chapter 1-39 President!/groups/c....vulcanriders/
    Suffering from Vulcamania!!
    (Since Vulcans Rule and the others Drool)