Sorry to say but...

Globe Vulcan Riders - Riding All of Arizona Chapter 1-78 has been dissolved to better serve the Vulcan Community.

Phoenix Vulcan Riders Chapter 1-15 also was dissolved by National.

Phoenix Valley Vulcan Riders Chapter 1-4 is up and active. We have a Facebook group and you can find us there. We welcome all family oriented motorcycle enthusiasts to come ride with us. We also look forward to have new members of all motorcycle brands in our ranks.

See you out there in the canyons and on the rim...

Globe Vulcan Riders Riding All of Arizona VRA Chapter 1-78
. This is not just boast, it is a fact. Actually, we ride further than the boundaries of one of the largest states in the USA.

We have monthly Chapter rides; they are scenic, leisurely and fun. They start at different locations of the Valley of the Sun. We either have a picnic at a breathtaking location or a sit down meal at a very good tasting, fun atmosphere type restaurant. Either way, there are good rides, good times with great friends. Plenty of diverse conversation and fun abound.

We ride for all skill levels, and have clinics to help with areas you may not be quite skilled in. From very slow speed maneuvers to running the lines in the mountain canyons, we can help you attain the skills you want.

Our Wildcat rides happen on the spur of the moment or are planned far in advance. We try for an overnighter in the spring and one in the fall. These rides are not Interstate Highway rides. We stay off the beaten path, and away from the normal places riders tend to go. Our spur of the moment rides are usually just to get out there and ride together keeping our bikes from getting complacent.

We are not one of those Ride to the nearest Sports or Biker Bar groups. We are a collection of Motorcycle Enthusiast Riders who, most of us, own a Kawasaki Vulcan of one model or the other. We have associate members who own other brands to include Dual Sport and Sport Bikes.

Check out the Vulcan Riders Association, then come to our website and Face book pages.

You will see we are a lot more than just talk and fluff. We are doing good things with our chapter. We would like to share our fun with anyone who wishes to be in the best of company they can.

So if you are in the area, whether riding through or contemplating making it semi or permanent, give us a holler, we will promptly respond with a warm friendly welcome to see what we are all about.