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Hello from Augusta GA.

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  • Hello from Augusta GA.

    What's up everyone! Like the title says I am from Augusta GA. Within the last few months I have gotten that itch to get a bike. It's something that I have always wanted but am just now making it a priority.

    I will be a brand new rider, and after doing some homework and also hanging at a local dealership, I have decided I really want a Vulcan 900 Custom. Sitting on that bike I felt a real good, strong connection.

    So after saying all that; I have come here to not only gain knowledge, but to see what experiences real life owners and riders have had.

    Thanks all

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    Welcome to the forum From Columbus, OH!!
    Patrick "Hotwheels" Sharon
    President Columbus Vulcan Riders Chapter 1-32
    Columbus, Oh
    Chapter Coordinator

    National Vice President 2019
    National Treasurer 2013 - 2015
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    2002 1500 Mean Streak
    2015 CanAm Spyder RT-Limited
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      Welcome to the forum from Western Massachusetts. I have an 08 900 LT Classic which I bought new and love it. Good luck with yours.


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        Welcome from Central Illinois!
        Randy - aka racinfan101
        Central IL Chapter 1-39 President!/groups/c....vulcanriders/
        Suffering from Vulcamania!!
        (Since Vulcans Rule and the others Drool)


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          Wild West Welcome from Globe Vulcan Riders - Riding All of Arizona


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            Welcome from NW Florida!!

            Derry ~DaBull~
            Former VRA USA National President
            President, NW Florida VRA Chapter 1-6
            Crestview, Florida
            2012 Vulcan Voyager 1700
            (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

            ~If you fool with Da Bull...You're gonna get the Horn