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New guy from Western Washington

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  • New guy from Western Washington

    Greetings, I have been wandering around your site for a couple hours now and thought i would say Hello! Lots of good info here. I look forward to spending some time here with Ya'all if thats O.K ? Thanks, Jim
    Pacific Northwest Jim
    Lynnwood Wa.
    2005 VN2000
    1999 VN1500 classic

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    Re: New guy from Western Washington

    Welcome aboard, there are some pretty nice people that post here. You're welcome to post in any thread that you find interesting. The more people, the more experience we can draw upon.


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      Re: New guy from Western Washington

      welcome to group....look forward to chattin it up with you....

      holler if you need anything

      Derry ~DaBull~
      Former VRA USA National President
      Former NW Florida Chapter 1-6 President
      Crestview, Florida
      2012 Vulcan Voyager 1700
      (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

      ~If you fool with Da Bull...You're gonna get the Horn


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        Re: New guy from Western Washington

        Hey Jim,

        We're not exactly neighbors but at least we are on the same coast. I plan to ride up to Anacortes this summer to visit my stepdad. I'll let ya know when.


        Andrew Morse
        Portland, OR
        2005 Vulcan 800 Classic
        VROC #31021


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          Re: New guy from Western Washington

          Welcome to the forum Jim. There are definitely some good jokers on here but I can tell you that most of the fun is happening out on the streets. Most of the folks on here have either joined or started a local riding club and get together to ride and joke around in person. If you're interested, we can help you find other riders in your area. Just let us know.
          John Featherlin
          Webmaster 2007-2016
          International Chapter Coordinator 2009-2016
          Forum Admin 2007-2016
          USA Chapter Coordinator 2007-2016
          National President 2007-2010
          National Vice President 2006
          National Secretary 2011-2012


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            Re: New guy from Western Washington

            Welcome! Glad you could join us.

            Kentucky Vulcan Riders 1-12