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New here, looking for a little help

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  • New here, looking for a little help

    Hey all. I just bought my wife a 1997 Vulcan 500 as a learner bike. I've been riding for years (2004 VTX 1800 Neo) but she's never ridden a motorcycle before. Her Vulcan has less than 9000 miles on it. It's sat in a garage for several years now without being started. I'll be posting some maintenance questions on the tech board shortly.

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    Re: New here, looking for a little help

    Good luck with the bike. I'd love to get my wife riding also, but don't think it will ever happen.

    Welcome to the site. It's a great place to meet folks and get some tech advice from other Vulcan riders.
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      Re: New here, looking for a little help

      you right bob,,,that aint happnin

      welcome to the group sandman...glad to have you here! Make sure you and the mrs check out the Rally Page....would love to see ya'll there

      Holler if you need anything!!

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        Re: New here, looking for a little help

        My husband got back into riding in 2000. I had never been in the front seat before, but had "way back when" ridden on the back seat a couple of times. I never really had an interest until...I started hearing this little black beauty of a Yamaha 650 Classic calling my name whenever I went with my husband to his dealer. I gave in to its call, bought it, took the course, got my license and never looked back. I had several Yamahas, a Honda (and even have a 72 Harley), but my 1600 Classic is my baby. Nothing rides like a Kaw! I would have to say, encourage your wife to try it, but don't push (women don't like that).