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hello from ralston nebr

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  • hello from ralston nebr

    hi glad to be vra member, hope everyone rides safe looking forward to meeting all and getting some riding and other such information.

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    Re: hello from ralston nebr

    Welcome aboard the forum, it's for all the members. Any feedback about things you'd like to see on the forum, or things you'd like to see done differently, give a shout. We try and make it a nice place, but can't always know what people want.


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      Re: hello from ralston nebr

      welcome aboard kowboy, glad you found the site....holler if you need anything...

      Derry ~DaBull~
      Former VRA USA National President
      Former NW Florida Chapter 1-6 President
      Crestview, Florida
      2012 Vulcan Voyager 1700
      (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

      ~If you fool with Da Bull...You're gonna get the Horn


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        Re: hello from ralston nebr

        Welcome Kowboy. It's always good to see members on the national forum.

        I hope the Nebraska chapter is doing well. From what I hear, it is.
        John Featherlin
        Webmaster vulcanriders.us 2007-2016
        International Chapter Coordinator 2009-2016
        Forum Admin 2007-2016
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        National Secretary 2011-2012