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  • Cheers!

    Hey Everyone! Raphael from St. Charles, IL. here (outgrowth is my band's name). Just joined the forum today (or was it yesterday?)

    I have been off a bike for almost 15 years. Picked up a '96 750 a couple months ago and have been slowly restoring her as much as time allows in between riding. Repainting Tank and fenders this weekend.

    Anyone know where I can find replacement tank badges for this bike? I tried ebay but ended up getting a cheap piece of plastic that looked like it came out of a gum ball machine.

    Take Care!

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    Re: Cheers!

    Welcome to the forum Outgrowth. I still have the Vulcan tank badges that I removed off of my 2002 Vulcan 800A. You're welcome to them. They're like a painted flexible tar but they look good on a bike. If you're interested, email me at President@vulcanriders.us.
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      Re: Cheers!

      Hi Outgrowth. I was off a bike for several years also until 2004 when I got a new Yamaha V Star 1100. Great bike. Kept it until it was paid for then went with a larger Vulcan. Sounds like you are going to have a nice 750 once your done restoring it. Post some pics later. BTW welcome to the forum.
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        Re: Cheers!

        Welcome Chicago, the 750 will be a great bike for the Chicago area. Still one of the quickest Vulcans around, it's great for the traffic. I enjoyed my 750 when I had it, but the more open spaces here in Iowa seemed to call for a heavier bike.

        It's going to be difficult finding 750 badges, I know of others who have searched in vein. The badges that Slicks offered is different, but would be better than nothing, if you want. There is a forum somewhere for just VN 750 owners, but don't have the info, perhaps one of the 750 owners will speak up.