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New Member From Tracy, CA

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  • New Member From Tracy, CA

    I just bought a Vulcan Nomad 1600. I am excited! Gonna take the correct actions, helmet, boots, leathers, insurance and a good Motorcycle safety refresher course, then hit the back roads. I use to ride the Goldwing years ago and got the itch to ride again. I little nervous, but I am taking it slow.
    Any suggestions?
    Sista Monica

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    Re: New Member From Tracy, CA

    Hey Sista, welcome to the forum.

    A refresher course is a great idea. 1st skill to fade is panic stopping (plus it's a different bike). It'll take practice to bring that Nomad to a stop in a hurry without locking up the rear wheel. They'll practice that it in MSF but you should practice it regularly afterward in like an empty church parking lot to keep the skill up to snuff should you ever need it.

    Don't even sweat "being rusty". The riding part will only seem slightly odd at first but it will all come back very quickly. By the end of the first day, you'll be back at 90% and by the end of the week, it'll seem like you never stopped riding.

    Congrats on the Nomad. I'm sure you'll love it. (I can picture the grin now)
    John Featherlin
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      Re: New Member From Tracy, CA

      NICE Choice of bikes Sista!!!

      Take your time out there...same folks that were trying to run ya down back then are still on the road---but older!!

      Nomads a solid bike and she (he?) won't fail ya

      I like the idea of the Riders course too, it will help you refine them old skills

      Welcome to the group! Holler if you need anything!

      Derry ~DaBull~
      Former VRA USA National President
      Former NW Florida Chapter 1-6 President
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      (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

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        Re: New Member From Tracy, CA

        Welcome to the forum! look around, and make youself at home. the Nomads a fine bike and will give you good service.

        if you need any help, there are some great people here that will do all they can..

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