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New Rider, Kinda

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  • New Rider, Kinda

    Hello everyone. I glad that I found this web site. I had been looking for some time. Well let in introduce my self. My name is Darrin, I'm 43 and live in Phoenix,AZ and drive a truck for a living.

    I started riding motorcycles over 25+ years ago. At that time I rode my dad's 1974 Honda 550 Four.

    No training, no motorcycle endorsement on my drivers license, guess I had really good luck because I never wrecked it or had to lay it down and put close to 2500 miles on it. My dad still had this motorcycle. A friend of mine had a Kawasaki 750 LTD (not sure what year). My dad bike was nice, but his was a lot nicer.

    Him and I used to go riding the mountains of northern New Mexico when ever we had some free time. This last a about 3 years. Sometimes I got to ride his bike and I have been a Kawi fan ever since. Well, he got married and I started driving a truck for a living and we never saw each other again. That was the end of me riding a motorcycle.Ok, jump forward to March 2007 and I ran into a guy who was riding a Kawasaki 750 LTD and I got bit real hard my the motorcycle bug. Bit so hard that 3 weeks later I went down to Kawasaki Dealer and road out on a 06 Vulcan 500.

    Unlike last time I was going to do this right. I went through a MSF riding course and got my motorcycle endorsement. It was very well worth it. 7 months later while at the Kawasaki Dealer in Goodyear,AZ they were showing me there 900's and they let me test drive one and it was true love. So I traded my 500 in and rode out on a brand new 09 Vulcan 900 with 0 miles on it.

    She is on very sweet ride and I am a very happy camper. I'm taking my vacation in May and can't wait to take her out for a really long ride. I sure am glad I got bit by motorcycle bug. I really forgot how much fun riding a motorcycles is. Well that is my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope no one fell a sleep.
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    Phoenix, AZ

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    Re: New Rider, Kinda

    Welcome aboard Darrin.....look forwarrd to seeing ya here on the boards

    Derry ~DaBull~
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      Re: New Rider, Kinda


      Welcome! It's always interesting to see how others got involved in motorcycling.


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        Re: New Rider, Kinda

        There was a lot more to the story but I did not want to bore everyone to death. I'm adding lot of goodies to my ride. So far I have added a luggage rack and a windshield. Thanks for the welcome.
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        Phoenix, AZ


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          Re: New Rider, Kinda

          WELCOME to the Forum
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            Re: New Rider, Kinda

            Welcome to the forum. I enjoyed the story.

            You took some great pics of your 900. It looks like a piece of art.
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