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  • Newb

    Just wanted to say hi! Would be interested in an NC chapter.

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    Re: Newb

    Hey GWvulcan, welcome aboard!

    Check some of the treads in this section and get in touch with your fellow NC guys.

    Things are looking UP, for a NC Chapter. Very cool!


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      Re: Newb

      man...its a North Carolina BLITZ!!!! Welcome to the group GW!!!

      Derry ~DaBull~
      Former VRA USA National President
      Former NW Florida Chapter 1-6 President
      Crestview, Florida
      2012 Vulcan Voyager 1700
      (Previous 2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600)

      ~If you fool with Da Bull...You're gonna get the Horn


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        Re: Newb

        Howdy, GW, and welcome to the VRA forum. As Rocky would say, "Youz guyz from Nort Carlyna needs ta talk. Ya know? Like chew on some fat or sumthin." I hope most of you are close enough to make a chapter down there. The folks I've met so far have been quality and fun folks. I'm sure things can get rolling and maybe the warm weather will inspire more to show up. We'll help you all where we can. Just ask.
        Only a biker understands why a dog hangs its head out of the car window!

        VRA membership is free! Pass the word! Have all the say as before but at no cost! What a great plan.