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Young, Randy

Feb 17 (4 days ago)

to support, me, Forged1097

I tried contacting you via the app on my phone over a week ago and received no reply, and the webmaster from our site I believe has reached out to you with no response.  We recently updated our forum and it was no longer working with Tapatalk.  Our webmaster installed the proper plug in and it was still not working.  He was going to make sure our domain was registered, but it came up as already registered.  We have no log in information and the person who originally set our forum up with Tapatalk is no longer involved in our association, and left on bad terms a number of years ago, so even if we reset the log in whatever e-mail is sent out for the reset is going to nobody involved with our association or forum.  What do we need to do to get things reset so our forum is available on Tapatalk?  Our website is and our forum is

While our new forum is mobile friendly – I know there are people who enjoy the convenience of having multiple forums they like to visit available on Tapatalk so I hope you can assist us in resolving the issue.  I would be happy to discuss with someone on the phone if needed.

Thank You

Randy Young

Vulcan Riders Association.


Carl Calder – Webmaster Vulcan Riders Association – USA

Michael Oldfield – President – Vulcan Riders Association – USA

Howdy Dong <>

1:53 AM (4 hours ago)

to Randy, support, me, Forged1097
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