The Internet has made it easier than ever to find Vulcan riders in your area. There are thousands of Vulcan riders registered on forums and websites. The goal is to bring them together so that people from the same area can connect and start a riding club.

1. Contact Vulcan riders directly

The forums below have member search pages that allow you to search for riders by location.

Send private messages to the riders you find in the links above and invite them to visit the link below:
Start or find a Vulcan riding club near you“.  This is a special forum that the VRA created as a central meeting place for riders from all forums to connect and start a riding club.

Choose your state below to generate a sample message.

The video below shows you how to quickly send a private message to hundreds of Vulcan riders in your state:

DownloadNow – “How to find members.wmv” (15mb)

With a little effort on your part, your state’s thread will be filled with people interested in joining a club. After several people from the same area have posted, the VRA will create a website for that group.

2. Post messages on Vulcan forums

The forums below do not provide a member search feature so you won’t be able to send private messages to the members in your area. Instead, post a general announcement on the actual forum.

Your message will be seen by riders from all over the country so it’s best to provide a link to the full directory of state threads for starting a riding club. (view page).

3. Advertise

Click here for tips on how to promote your chapter.